Spanish School in Madrid

The Spanish School in Madrid Elite Lenguas is a prestigious school with an international community and expert teachers. To learn Spanish in Madrid there are many schools, but very few that offer you Spanish tailored to your specific, personal needs, as if it were a tailored suit. Our Spanish Courses in Madrid have all the official certifications and are endorsed by the thousands of satisfied students who have learned Spanish in Elite Lenguas.



Our school Elite Lenguas is located in the center of Madrid, in the university district that hosts the most students. It has modern facilities with bright and spacious classrooms, a reception with a wide range of multimedia facilities to provide students with an environment of learning, talk, coexistence and immersion.


DELE SIELE Spanish Courses

In each intensive course there is specific training for each ELE LEVEL you study. The school bets on the academic success of its students at no extra cost. We also offer Master’s or Bachelor’s degree classes, individual or group, to help students with language barriers to excel in writing and communication skills.



In ELITE Lenguas you will learn Spanish doing what you like: dance, cooking, drawing, etc. and this will grow your mastery and fluidity. You will enjoy the charm of Spanish-style life, you will appreciate the European, Asian and American culture, you will have a great time and you will live an unforgettable adventure by joining learning and self-improvement.

Accomodation & Visa

estudiar español en madrid visado elitelenguas

We also offer visa services and discounted accommodation for foreign students. You will no longer be alone on your trip to Madrid. Teachers are a team with international experience in teaching Spanish, master’s degree and ELE postgraduate courses, DELE official tutors and examiners from the Instituto Cervantes.

The Adventure Begins Here

In Elite Lenguas you will always be welcomed, welcomed by teachers and students ¡A unique experience!

Spanish Courses in Madrid

Certified & Native Teachers 100%
DELE Exams 100%
Guaranteed Quality 100%
Best Price 100%

What are the Spanish Courses in Elite Lenguas Madrid?

  • Enriched, flexible courses, always tailored to the needs of students.
  • In Elite you can learn Spanish by doing something you like like as dancing, cooking, drawing... and this will grow your mastery and language fluency.
  • Courses are taught in small groups to ensure attention to each student. We use the communicative method
  • Quality of our teachers with Master ELE, ELE Postgraduate, Official Tutors and DELE Examiners by the Instituto Cervantes.
  • In each intensive course there is specific training for each DELE LEVEL studied. The school bets on the academic success of its students at no extra cost.
  • Elite Lenguas is located in the classic university district of Madrid, full of fashion shops, cafes, bars, supermarkets and restaurants.Good atmosphere for young people and very well connected.

Élite Lenguas Spanish School in Madrid

Why study with us?

  • Throbbing location of Madrid, with a good atmosphere for young people and a step away from the Cultural Center Conde Duque,as well as the city's shopping and tourist center.
  • The most competitive prices of the Spanish market ELE and be surrounded by a team knowledgeable of the needs and dreams that you have when coming to Spain.
  • Wide variety of Spanish courses, personalized schedules and the possibility to start your course any week throughout the year.
  • Guaranteed quality of our teachers with master's degrees and ELE postgraduate courses, tutors and official DELE examiners trained at the Instituto Cervantes.
  • Fantastic extracurricular activities that will make the most of your stay in Madrid. New friends from all over the world are waiting for you.
  • We will give you information for the visa and student residence in Madrid. You don't have to worry about paperwork anymore.

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